Sure Shot Fluid Level System


Nelgar Oilfield Services' revolutionary Sure Shot Fluid Level System uses patented, state-of-the-art technology to discover the 'true' fluid level of a gas or oil well with unparalleled precision. Knowing the true fluid level allows operators to determine if a well is producing at optimum efficiency, experiencing changes in inflow, or experiencing equipment-related problems.

The technologically advanced Sure Shot is easy to use and provides a more accurate reading than conventional acoustic well sounders. The Sure Shot's simple design also means it can be easily maintained in the rugged field environment.

The Sure Shot's patented design allows for maximum convenience and versatility. It can assess fluid levels through six different means, including: CO2 (cartridges and cylinders), nitrogen, implosion (well-head pressure), as well as 45-caliber and 10-gauge powder shells. Choosing the best option is determined by the characteristics of the well being tested.

The Sure Shot is equipped with a color-coded, dual-channel output, making it capable of recording both the collar reflections and depth-to-fluid simultaneously. Dual channel reading combined with the adjustable sensitivity of the Sure Shot's filter circuit give the unit better data output and fluid level readings than any other system on the market.