Offset Frac Monitoring (Frac-SureTraxTM)


Monitoring offset wells from an ongoing hydraulic frac aids in detecting communication with offset wells and can help prevent potential disasters. Data is transmitted from monitored locations to our central server where it is made viewable, in real-time, to our customers through a secure, authenticated portal. Users can customize alarms and contacts on the go - receiving alerts in the form of emails, SMS messages and audible alarms.

All information recorded is backed up on site and your streamed data remains online, in your account, available whenever you may need it.

AER Directive 83 - Hydraulic Fracturing - Subsurface Integrity

This directive includes "requirements for licensees to assess, plan for, and mitigate the risks of interwellbore communication with offset wells"

Please visit our Nelgar Live Data Website to learn all about the Frac-SureTrax monitoring and Frac-Pack systems and to our online demonstrations.