Production Optimization Services


Accurate information is critical to the profitable operation of oil and gas wells. At Nelgar, only highly trained personnel using state-of-the-art technology collect and analyze your data. This allows us to make precise recommendations for enhancing well productivity and profitability.

Our in-house engineering is staffed by one of the industry's most knowledgeable and experienced teams of oil and gas specialists. In addition to designing all of our own equipment, Nelgar's engineering unit analyzes all the data collected by our highly trained field technologists. As a result, our clients benefit from superior technology, fast, accurate data collection, and quick turnaround times on reports specially compiled to increase your productivity.

Production Optimization Services

» AWS fluid level & pressure monitoring

» AWS buildup tests

» AWS fluid shots & fluid levels

» Foam depression tests

» Pumpjack dynamometer tests

» Pumping system design

» Inflow performance relationships (IPR)

» Static bottomhole pressure calculations