Production Optimization Services


Nelgar offers a full range of production optimization services geared towards maximizing the return on investment in your fields. We can help identify opportunities in under-performing wells, analyze production loss and downtime, and perform the best corrective actions in time to maintain production.

Production Optimization Services

» AWS buildup tests

» AWS fluid shots & fluid levels

» Foam depression tests

» Pumpjack dynamometer tests

» Pumping system design

» Inflow performance relationships (IPR)

» Casing integrity tests

» Static bottomhole pressure calculations


Regulatory Compliance (AER) & Abandonment Services


Nelgar can help ensure that your company maintains AER regulatory compliance and can handle your abandoned well requirements.

Regulatory Services

» Surface casing vent tests

» Offset frac monitoring

» Packer isolation tests

» Gas migration tests

» Lease inspections

» Casing integrity tests

» PAS file creation and submission

» Segregation tests